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Name RSS Description
隐私计算 RSS 隐私计算
开源社区运营之路 RSS 聊聊有关开源社区运营的一些事情
如何制作一档播客 RSS 收集如何制作播客的合集 awesome-feeds
远程工作 RSS 远程工作

How to use

All above Podcasts feeds are not offically published. We could not listen those episodes in the normal way. But you could choose the following platforms or tools:

Please share it if you find other.


You could contribute an episode of an existing collection. Or, you could create a new collection as well.

Add new episode

Find the target directory under podcasts. Then add a YAML file in it. Below is a sample YAML file:

title: The episode title
index: 1
description: The episode description
filename: "The URL of target audio file"
localStorage: url # keep this be same

Create new collection

You need to add more files if you want to create a new collection.

First, please create a new directory under podcasts.

then, add a YAML file named show.yaml:

title: The podcasts title
description: The podcasts description
image: "The logo of this podcasts"
- Technology
localStorage: url

Finally, please add the following action into generator.yaml to generate RSS file automatically.

      - name: Generate RSS for remote jobs
        uses: opensource-f2f/open-podcasts@master
          output: podcasts/remote-jobs/index.rss
          showFile: podcasts/remote-jobs/show.yaml
          itemsPattern: podcasts/remote-jobs/item-*.yaml
          server: "fake"